Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher - Ireland part 3

For our third full day in Ireland, it was time for another excursion out of Galway to see Doolin and the magnificent Cliffs of Moher. Before we went I had been worried that it would be very difficult getting around, finding the right buses and suchlike, so I had done a lot of research beforehand to find out which bus to take where. To my relief this proved to be no difficulty at all, and so on a bright, sunny Wednesday we found ourselves in the tiny village of Doolin.

I have never seen a place this cute! It's only a handful of buildings scattered in clutters along a road, really, but it's so colourful and full of atmosphere.

Just look at this hot pink building! Full of lovely warm woolen sweaters, cardigans and scarves.

The building next to this one housed an antique bookshop and a music shop, as Doolin is known as one of the centres of traditional music in Ireland. I found a treasure in the bookshop!

A 1920's book of William Butler Yeats' poems. He's my favourite poet, and this book is so beautifully bound! I just had to have it.

Then it was time to take a little lunch break. We found a cosy corner in the outside garden of this cosy caf, the Ivy Cottage, for some tea and scones.

It was so lovely! And a colourful little bird kept fluttering down to beg for crumbs, then flying away before either of us could take a picture of it.

Marita and I strolling around in Doolin.

We then walked over to the other side of Doolin to visit a donkey Marita had befriended on her earlier trips.

Donkey the donkey.

There were also plenty of horses in the area, living the easy life.

We would have stayed all day, but as we also had the Cliffs of Moher on our schedule, we hopped on the bus that bore us onwards to that famed location!

I still can't believe we were so lucky with the weather. Nothing could have prepared me for that wind, however! It was crazy, I was half afraid I was going to get blown of the cliff! Luckily there was a wall I could stay safely behind watching Marita scampering around dangerously close to the cliff edge with my heart in my throat - what she will do to get good photos... I also got a few good ones without imperiling my life, thankfully.

Self hiding behind the safety of a stone wall.

The "Hallow"-cave.

Since we only had a couple of hours to spend there, we didn't have time to go very far along the cliff path, nor to visit the castle above... oh well, next time!

We then got on the bus all the was back to Galway, which took a couple of hours, feeling tired but excited, not least about what the next day would bring - more roaming about in a castle!

Have you ever been to Doolin, or to the Cliffs of Moher?


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Marina Aurora

15.10.2013 kl.22:09

h, s fint og nydelig! Doolin s superstt og sjarmerende ut, og Cliffs of Moher er jo bare utrolig nydelig, et sted i Irland jeg absolutt drmmer om beske..

Frydis Sylvestris

15.10.2013 kl.22:21

Looks wonderful! It sure always helps when the weather is on your side. ;)


15.10.2013 kl.23:23

Ahh, yes, I've been so lucky to get to Doolin and Cliffs of Moher too! Have you been there before? Nice to see your pictures from it, and so fun to see the similar places. I ate breakfast not on that caf, but on the bridge you can see nearby! We slept in our tent at the inn just where the donkey lived, which we also befriended ;) And we walked from Doolin and all the way through the cliffs, also strolling dangerously close to the edges... tehee! It might just end up as my bane...


16.10.2013 kl.08:24

Den boka var det jo bare meningen at du skulle ha :D Den var kjempefin, og har sikkert like fint innhold!

Ooh, koselig sted! :) *hydeskrekk* p Cliffs of Moher da^^ <3

Branna Laurelin

16.10.2013 kl.19:19

Marina Aurora: Takk! Hper du fr sjansen til dra dit en dag.

Branna Laurelin

16.10.2013 kl.19:20

Frydis Sylvestris: It does indeed! :)

Branna Laurelin

16.10.2013 kl.19:23

Naviana: No, this was my first time there! Definitely going back :) Sounds like you had a great time when you were there! Although I can't understand some people's need to put themselves out on the edge of a cliff in high winds - Ok, I admit I have quite a fear of heights... :p

Branna Laurelin

16.10.2013 kl.19:27

Gaiadttir: Ja, ikke sant? :D Fine, fine boka...
Ja, det var kjempekoselig i Doolin! Og veldig fint p klippene ogs, selv om jeg ogs har hydeskrekk! :p


18.10.2013 kl.12:15

Haha, I totally understand that! :) I'm not afraid of anything... except people, and that might of course be a big issue... haha ;)


22.10.2013 kl.03:35

If I was a girl you would be my biggest inspiration


22.10.2013 kl.07:22

Jeg var der med Celtic Inspiration p den frste turen vr til Irland! Vi hadde ikke like fine klr som dere, vi lp rundt i treningsklr;) Men, s fine bilder. N fikk jeg veldig lyst til dra til Irland igjen (det har man jo lyst til hele tiden;)

Branna Laurelin

22.10.2013 kl.22:10

milex: Awww, thank you so much! I hope I can inspire you a little even still ;)

Branna Laurelin

22.10.2013 kl.22:12

Line: Hehe, jeg husker at jeg s gjerne ville dra dit den gangen jeg var med ogs, men da hadde jo de fleste av dere allerede vrt der frste gangen, s jeg ble nedstemt :p (dog, jeg mener huske at du gjerne ville dra en gang til). , noen ganger savner jeg dansinga s innmari! Good times, det der :) Takk! Ja, man har jo det :p Jeg har nettopp vrt der og vil tilbake allerede.

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