Davy Jones' Theme

Today I was finally able to make another harp video for you! Because of my back injury I took a long break from harp playing before figuring out a way to play my medium-sized harp standing up. As a result I experienced a setback both in my general repertoire and in the new pieces I was learning before. Now I finally feel like some of the new pieces begin to be ready, and today I made a video of a piece I have arranged myself, the Davy Jones' Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

I always use my biggest harp, Laurelin, for making videos and playing in for others, because Elysia, my smaller harp, suffers from poor sound and weird buzzing noises when I play. Because my back hasn't healed yet it hurts to sit down for any amount of time, so I had to be really careful when recording this so I didn't sit by the harp for too long and make myself worse (I've made that mistake before). Luckily I was able to do this in one take, so I'm none the worse for wear!

Here it is:

I hope you like it! I have two more songs I hope to record soon, both of which fit this season we're entering.


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02.12.2013 kl.22:41

j, s flink du er!

Branna Laurelin

02.12.2013 kl.22:44

Heidi: Tusen takk! :)


03.12.2013 kl.10:08

Nydelig, kjre :)

Andrea Srestrand

03.12.2013 kl.12:56

hh, det er s leit hre om ryggen din, jeg hper virkelig at du blir bra snart!

Men nydelig video, jeg er ogs veldig glad i Davy Jone's theme, og du er utrolig flink med harpen! :)


03.12.2013 kl.15:31

This sounds amazing! You are very talented, I love to listen to your music. :)

Branna Laurelin

04.12.2013 kl.11:39

~Gaiadttir~: Takk, ste deg <3

Branna Laurelin

04.12.2013 kl.11:40

Andrea Srestrand: Tusen takk! Har vrt til MR n og har i hvert fall litt mer svar p hva det er som feiler meg (jeg visste det egentlig fra fr, men legen trodde ikke p meg), s n hper jeg det er mulig finne en behandlingsform til meg s jeg kan bli bedre!

Tusen takk skal du ha! Jeg har nsket lage en cover av denne s lenge, s det var fint f den ut :D

Branna Laurelin

04.12.2013 kl.11:41

Feyza: Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear that :)

Den Grnnkledde

06.12.2013 kl.10:17

Nydelig! :) (Tror vi har temmelig lik smak i musikk ;D )

Branna Laurelin

06.12.2013 kl.11:12

Den Grnnkledde: Tusen takk! Ja, det tror jeg ogs ^_^


12.12.2013 kl.01:54

Trist hre om ryggen din, jeg nsker deg virkelig bedring! Davy Jone's Theme var vrikelig nydelig framfrt! S beundringsverdig ^_^

Branna Laurelin

12.12.2013 kl.11:51

Vero: Tusen takk, bde for god-bedringsnskene og for komplimentene ^_^

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