2013 - looking back

Last year I did a photo series of 2012 at the end of the year showing how I had changed throughout the year. I thought I'd do something similar this year, showing the highlights of 2013, as it were. It's been a nice, quiet year with some good experiences and some not so good, like my back getting injured. Well, here it goes!


I sewed my first garment, a long brown skirt that I have worn so much throughout the year! I am so happy I decided to start sewing my own clothes.

I regained my musical creativity after a long hiatus.


I celebrated Imbolc (February 1st) with my two very good friends Ingrid and Frydis.

I made a new harp arrangement, The Misty Mountains Cold. This was my first harp video in almost a year, so it felt really good to be doing something musical again. Throughout the course of 2013 I would focus more and more on my music.


I sewed a new skirt.

Even though the snow refused to melt, at least the sun came back and started shining through my kitchen window again. I hadn't seen it since October, as we live on a shadowed hillside, so that was nice.


I went to Desucon Fantasy and got to meet James Cosmo!

The snow finally started to melt properly.


Finally spring!

I took my smallest harp out for a photo shoot in the forest.

Hurray for the 17th of May, Norway's constitution day.


Medieval faire in Tnsberg with dear Sl.

Medieval festival in Oslo.


We had such a lovely warm summer!

We went to a Viking marked in Sarpsborg. I sewed my attire entirely myself, partly by hand.


I went swimming in the ocean.

And I went out into the forest a lot to play my whistle - there's nothing like playing music in nature!


I played my first proper wedding gig.

I went to Ireland with my friend Marita. This is taken at the Cliffs of Moher.

By the time I came home, my back had started hurting really bad, especially when I sat down or stood for longer periods of time. I now suspect the cause of it was a combination of walking a lot on hard footing as well as all the extra hours of sitting by my harp practising for that wedding.


Plum harvest

Green Woman

Halloween 2013

My back got progressively worse throughout October. My doctor didn't believe me when I said I had a spinal disc prolapse (which I have had before as a teenager, so I should know), and was reluctant to send me on to an MRI. Being at work became so painful I had to get a partial sick leave.


I sought comfort and healing among the trees in the forest, taking up to several short walks every day.

We had some very cold days in the end of November, with beautiful frost everywhere.

In the beginning of November, I had to stop working entirely. I finally got my doctor to order and MRI for me so that I could start treatment, but there was a long time to wait. In the meantime I listened to my physiotherapist and tried to avoid everything that hurt and to do easy excercises to strengthen my back, as well as taking short walks in the woods (previously I had walked for too long at a time, but it's hard not to when the wanderlust strikes).


We had a brief time of winter wonderland about a week into December when the snow arrived.

It all melted well before Yule, though..

I don't have many Yule photos this year, because I forgot to take some. It was a weird holiday, anyway, since my husband had to work late shifts. I spent a lot of time with my family.

I finally got an MRI, and am diagnosed with spinal disc prolapse, as I knew I had. I started chiropractic treatment, which made me worse, so I am going to stop doing that. I am finally starting to feel better again now, despite the holidays and family parties taking its toll. I have been very good at doing my excercises, so I hope I will continue to improve and be able to start working again (and playing the harp sitting down) soon.

Next year will be a good year. I firmly believe that. I will get better, and I will have my normal life back soon. I have big plans for my music! I have started composing my own original music and writing my own songs. Lately I have been singing a lot and doing vocal excercises to improve my voice. Hopefully I will be able to afford better recording equipment very soon. I am also having fun working on harp covers of some video game music, especially from the Final Fantasy series, my favourite video game series next to The Legend of Zelda.

There are also a lot of things to look forward to next year, such as playing the harp at two dear friends' weddings. I will also be taking up my jewellery making again very soon, when I feel a little bit better, since I've been missing that particular outlet of creativity. And I will sew at least one magnificent dress during next year! And I will continue writing on my new novel project, which I'm really excited about.

So 2013 ends with positive thoughts and plans for the future!

What are your plans for next year?


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Fru S.

30.12.2013 kl.14:36

Mtte alle dei positive visjonane dine bli realisert i 2014 <3


Branna Laurelin

30.12.2013 kl.16:49

Fru S.: Tusen takk! Og det samme til deg :) Godt nyttr!
*stor klem*


30.12.2013 kl.19:11

Fin oppsummering :) Snn er jo livet, litt opp og ned, men hper det frst og fremst blir oppturer for deg i det nye ret! :) Fikk en liten klump i magen nr jeg leste at vingen til bryllupet var medvirkende rsak til ryggproblemene dine... :O Hper du blir bedre snart! :)

Godt nyttr til deg og dine! :)

Branna Laurelin

02.01.2014 kl.08:11

Cathrine: nei, du m ikke tenke p det! Det var eget valg, og det hadde skjedd fr eller senere uansett :) Tror nok kanskje det var mer all gingen p asfalt i Irland, alts. Godt nyttr til dere ogs, mtte 2014 bringe dere lykke og glede!


03.01.2014 kl.20:39

Jeg liker s godt disse oppsummerings-innleggene dine! :D Nr jeg har blogget meg gjennom et r, vil jeg lage ett ogs :)

Alt hell og lykke til deg og dine i det nye ret, kjre <3

Branna Laurelin

04.01.2014 kl.16:18

~Gaiadttir~: Takk :) Ja, det m du ogs gjre :D
Tusen takk, og i like mte <3

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