Everyone, meet my new baby! This is Branwen, my new Dusty Strings Ravenna 34 harp. She arrived yesterday evening, and I am just thrilled! Being lightweight and easy to transport, as well as having a built in pickup, she will be my travelling companion and main recording harp (though I will still use my other, big harp). Another practical feature is the built in drop-down leg, which allows me to play standing up. This is very useful with my back the way it currently is, making it painful for me to sit down for any period of time. So this is probably the best investment I've made in a while.

What do you think? Isn't she a beauty? By the way, Branwen means "white raven" in Welsh.

I haven't had the chance to play her much yet, but I can say that the sound is absolutely divine! The upper octaves are reminiscent of silver bells, and the lower strings are deep and resonant. So wonderful I can't even.... aaah! I'm in love! I can't wait to show you, once she's settled down a bit.

I'm really happy right now!


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15.02.2014 kl.18:49

Gratulerer! :) Blir gy hre etterhvert :)

Branna Laurelin

16.02.2014 kl.00:32

Cathrine: Takk! Gleder meg veldig til vise hvordan den hres ut :)


16.02.2014 kl.02:48

Your new Harp is so beautiful! I really want to see you playing it!

Kisses from Brazil ;*


16.02.2014 kl.15:35

Harp is an amazing instrument, I really want to learn to play it.

Your new harp is wonderful!

See you soon!


16.02.2014 kl.15:44

Finfinfin! :D Gleder meg til hre :)

Branna Laurelin

16.02.2014 kl.20:18

Lazuritium: Thank you so much! I will make another harp video soon so you can both see and hear how she sounds like :)

Branna Laurelin

16.02.2014 kl.20:20

Priscila: Yes, indeed it is! I hope you get to learn to play it - remember, if you want it enough, you can do it :) Thank you!

Branna Laurelin

16.02.2014 kl.20:20

~Gaiadttir~: Takk! Gleder meg til vise ^_^


16.02.2014 kl.22:35

She truly is a beauty, and sounds like one too! ;-)

Branna Laurelin

17.02.2014 kl.11:27

Frydis: Awww :)


25.02.2014 kl.20:48

du burde lage en video der du tar den med ut i skogen, eller en annen plass i naturen, og spiller!

Branna Laurelin

27.02.2014 kl.13:52

IS: Ja, det burde jeg! Det eneste som er litt dumt er at jeg ikke fr dratt med meg ordentlig innspillingsutstyr, s da blir ikke lydkvaliteten noe bra. Kunne kanskje spilt inn lyden frst, og s filmet i skogen etterp, men da m jeg passe p spille helt likt begge gangene, og det er alltid vanskelig! Takk for forslaget :)

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