Springtime makes Branna a very happy fairy!

Oops, long time no blogging... Just haven't had the time/energy to blog lately, and suddenly it's been almost a month since my last post. So I thought it was time for a little update to sum up this past month.

Spring has arrived! Winter is definitely over, the sun is warm, flowers are popping up everywhere and the leaves are just starting to bud. I love it! I am not a winter person, so I always get very happy when spring arrives and the snow melts. And feeling the sun on my face again - is there anything more blissful after a long and cloudy winter? Not for me.

Part of my springtime decoration in my living room. I absolutely adore these flowers.

*Takes shameless selfie with the flowers*

I have been sewing like crazy this month, and have (almost) finished two dresses which are not quite ready to be shown off yet, but when I have all the accessories and everything is perfect I'll have a proper photoshoot to show you, because I am so very pleased with them and proud. In the meantime, here is a simple bell-shaped skirt I made in February:

Brown cotton with a green leaf trim, closes with zipper in the back.

I also want to show you this cute dress that my mum gave me, is is so soft and comfortable, and I actually like the floral print a lot.

Last weekend I celebrated St. Patrick's Day in Oslo by marching in the annual parade with Peter and our friends Ingrid and Rik and Kama and her boyfriend Stian. I quite forgot to take pictures, even though I took my camera with me and everything. Oh well... But here is a photo of my outfit that Peter snapped before we left - not the best quality because of bad light conditions and strong wind.

The skirt and matching belt (which has corset lacing in the back) are made by me.

It is also very clear that spring has arrived in the forest near my home. I went for a lovely walk today, and saw so many wonderful signs of spring everywhere!

Budding leaves


This made me happiest of all - blue anemonies! My favourite flower! And so early, it's only March. Last year I didn't see them until May.

This blue anemone was actually growing out from a vertical surface, namely the soil that an uprooted tree dragged along with it when it fell.

Blue sky and green woods, perfect!

I found this little branch of catkins on the ground and decided to take it home and use it for decoration.

Coltsfoot - another favourite spring flower, simply because it is always the firat I see.

Has spring come to your part of the world yet? What is your favourite first sign of spring?


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21.03.2014 kl.17:53

Herlig oppsummerende innlegg :)

Mitt favorittvrtegn er hestehover, av samme grunn som du oppgir :) Deretter er det hvitveis. Nede ved elva her hvor jeg bor, blir det et helt hav av hvitveis litt senere p vren, s det gleder jeg meg til! :D

Branna Laurelin

21.03.2014 kl.17:57

~Gaiadttir~: Hehe, takktakk ^_^ , hvitveis, de er ogs helt herlige! Gleder meg til de dukker opp jeg ogs. De er nesten like fine som blveis.

Fru S.

23.03.2014 kl.15:26

Vren er verkeleg ei av dei vakraste rstidene, nr alt i naturen vaknar til live igjen :) Her er det nok likevel ei stund til vren kjem for fult, vakna nemleg til sn i dag! Fler meg eigentleg litt snytt for vintaren i r, d det verken har vore kaldt til skyting eller sn til ski/aking, s vinterbarnet i meg hpar at vren venter litt til. Likevel er eg svrt glad i vren og gler meg til den kjem, er s deilig nr alt vert grnt igjen ^^ Og angande vrteikn er det ein ting som betyr meir for meg enn noko anna: Kvitveisen <3


23.03.2014 kl.23:25

Herlige bilder, s utrolig deilig med vr! Her har det vrt ruskevr i det siste, men hele neste uke viser vrmeldingen sol, sol og sol :) Klarer nesten ikke vente! Vkne til solskinn inn gjennom vinduet, spise mltider utendrs og plante blomster p altanen. Iiiih ^^

Branna Laurelin

24.03.2014 kl.13:24

Fru S.: Hper du fr lekt deg litt i snen fr vren kommer da :) Og at vren deretter blir solrik og fin. Og ja, hvitveisen er jeg ogs veldig glad i!

Branna Laurelin

24.03.2014 kl.13:26

Valkyrja: Takk :D Ja, det er veldig deilig! S fint at dere ogs fr fint vr snart da, det er jo ingenting som er deiligere enn det etter en lang og gr vinter.

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