Laurelindórenan ~ new dress inspired by Lothlórien

I sewed this dress inspired by the Mallorn trees of Lothlórien, with their golden spring flowers and golden autumn leaves which remain on the branch until next spring comes, at which time they fall and cover the ground with a blanket of gold.

How it looks in warmer light.

Here is a closeup of the accessories and trim of the dress:

The golden floral headband is from Sweet Mildred, and the necklace is a miniature cameo of Waterhouse's The Lady of Shalott, my favourite painting. I got it from The Scottish Girl Shop.

I wore this outfit at Desucon Fantasy on Saturday, and I had such a great time with friends and saw many wonderful cosplays and talented people selling their arts and crafts. 

Ingrid, Gaiadottir, Andrea and I at Desucon Fantasy. Here you can also see the handbag I sewed to match the dress :) It's a shame I forgot to take a better picture of it.

I am so obsessed with sewing!


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Catzy Munster

08.04.2014 kl.20:39

Dere var så fine på Desucon så! :D

Fru S.

09.04.2014 kl.14:18

Så fin du var! :D

Anne Linn

10.04.2014 kl.12:44

Så utrolig fin du er. Kjempeflott kjole!

Branna Laurelin

10.04.2014 kl.14:32

Catzy Munster: Tusen takk! Beklager at vi ikke fikk hilst, jeg så deg bare i siste liten fordi det var så mye å se på og så mange å hilse på at jeg ble litt overveldet, hehe :)

Branna Laurelin

10.04.2014 kl.14:32

Fru S.: Tusen takk! ^_^

Branna Laurelin

10.04.2014 kl.14:32

Anne Linn: Tusen takk skal du ha :)

Catzy Munster

10.04.2014 kl.16:29

Det er helt i orden, det var veldig mye å følge med på så det er fult forståelig^^ Er flere jeg ikke føler fikk gitt nok oppmerksomhet til selv!

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