The Game of Thrones Exhibition in Oslo

On Saturday I decided to brave my way into Oslo to see the big Game of Thrones exhibition everyone's been so excited about (including me). Despite my back still being in a sorry state, I just needed to get out and see people, especially my dear friends Frydis, Sl, Eirik, Jan Tore and Lise, whom I was supposed to meet. I got there, and was shocked to see how long the line was! It stretched all the way around the block along three full sides. Since I was the first of my group to arrive, I went to the very back of the line to wait patiently. I would need a lot of patience that day, as it turned out.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait alone for long, as one by one my friends showed up, and if it hadn't been for them I think I would have given up after an hour or so. But we had great company in each other, and it was as fun as waiting in line can possibly be without any form of external entertainment. Still, we all felt that it would have been much easier to bear if they could have played some music from the series, maybe handed out water to people, because it was very hot that day. I know it was a free event, but we would all have paid money to have a bit of water and entertainment as we waited, maybe jugglers or jesters or something. They did have people in costume who went around handing out HBO Nordic vouchers for two weeks of free GoT episodes, though, and that was nice.

After almost five hours, just when we were beginning to despair a bit and feel like maybe we wouldn't be able to do this after all, we were finally admitted to the exhibition. Luckily it was allowed to take photos, so here are some I took from the relatively short amount of time we spent inside since we were so tired by this point we just wanted to see everything and go home. Frydis and I were too exhausted to even get in line to sit on the Iron Throne. Anyway, here goes:

A model of one of Daenerys' dragons.

Two of Daenerys' costumes. I think it was a poor decision to put blue dresses in blue light, because none of the details stood out properly. White light would have been much better.

Melisandre, King Stannis and Davos.

Closeup of Davos' pouch in which he keeps his fingertips.

King's Landing. From right to left: Cersei, Joffrey, Margaery, Oberyn, Sansa and Tyrion.

A closer look at Tyrion, Sansa and Oberyn.

Detail of the beaded embroidery on Sansa's wedding dress.

More details of Sansa's dress.

Margaery's wedding dress - thorns everywhere.


The fabric used for Cersei's gown was just so lovely.

A collection of props.

Brienne and Jaime, complete with stump.

Arya and The Hound.

North of the Wall: Ygritte, Jon Snow and Thormund Giantsbane.

Me, Bran and Hodor.

I don't think Ygritte gives Jon enough credit, at least he does know how to keep himself warm.

A scale model of the top of the Wall.


Moar weaponses.

Glittery ice crystal sword.

Selfie time! In incredibly bad lighting conditions. I look slightly insane.

Frydis and I.

I wish I had remembered to take pictures of the others in our little group, but alas! I did not. If you pop over to Jan Tore's blog, though, you can see photos of them all on the Iron Throne!

I was so tired when I came home I had to spend the rest of the evening and most of yesterday on the sofa, but luckily my back feels none the worse for wear. It doesn't exactly feel better either, but I'm not complaining.

Were you at the GoT exhibition? Would you have waited in line for 5 hours to see it?


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28.04.2014 kl.14:43

I was! Luckily it only took us a little more than three hours. I was not too tired to wait in line for The Iron Throne and The Wall ascend, but I felt I didn't have the energy and concentration to take in all the details of the exhibition properly. But I'm glad I went - a Sunday to remember for sure!

Branna Laurelin

28.04.2014 kl.16:15

Gitte: You were luckier than us, then. I was afraid you might have to wait as long as we did, or worse, not get in at all. I'm glad you liked the exhibition :)


28.04.2014 kl.18:03

Jeg var der samme dagen som deg og ventet en time fr pningen og det lnte seg, sto ikke mer enn to timer i k, og det var fremdeles ikke s mye folk da jeg frst kom inn. Nesten ingen k p hverken tronen eller the wall-greiene, s fikk prvd begge.

Det var kjempeflott, men jeg hadde ikke syntes det var verdt en femtimers k :p


28.04.2014 kl.18:50

Jeg tenkte jeg skulle dra i dag, men kom spass sent til byen at det var for lang k, s jeg skal prve i morgen, og komme tidlig s jeg kanskje slipper st alt for lenge. Men nr jeg ser de flotte bildene du har tatt, fler jeg nesten jeg ikke trenger dra :p Men joda, skal prve i morgen. Trenger noe tenke p, da jeg er ganske trist om dagen :/

Marina Aurora

28.04.2014 kl.23:54

Episk! Skulle nske jeg kunne dratt dit, men jeg bor jo p andre sia av landet og hadde dessuten ikke rd til hverken reise, opphold eller noen ting.. Men nr jeg ser bildene fler jeg at jeg fr med meg noe likevel. Kostyeme og alt i Game of thrones er fantastisk, jeg elsker spesielt kjolene til Cersei. Og Daenerys.

Branna Laurelin

29.04.2014 kl.09:14

Toini: S heldig du var :) Vi skulle nok dratt inn tidligere selv, men det passet ikke med resten av planene for dagen. S gy du fikk prvd bde tronen og Veggen!

Branna Laurelin

29.04.2014 kl.09:15

~Gaiadttir~: Det er sikkert lurt komme tidlig, ja :) Hehe, takk, men det er jo noe med oppleve det selv ogs. Hper det gr fint og at du slipper vente s lenge. Leit hre du har det s leit :( Hper utstillingen kan muntre deg litt opp!

Branna Laurelin

29.04.2014 kl.09:18

Marina Aurora: Ja, det er nok dessverre mange som ikke fr sett utstillingen p grunn av at de bor langt borte. Det har visst kommet folk fra rundt om i hele Europa for se utstillingen, siden det bare var i Oslo og Belfast, s det er ikke rart det var mye folk der, egentlig. Synd du ikke fikk dratt, men det er bra bildene mine kan hjelpe til med gi de som ikke fikk muligheten en flelse av f det med seg likevel :) Kjolen til Cersei var min favoritt av alle som var utstilt, selv om jeg ikke liker Cersei noe srlig.


29.04.2014 kl.21:33

I would totally go if I could! But ofcourse they didn't come to Belgium. Game of Thrones is my favourite show of all times so I would do just anything to go and sit on the iron throne. It's really sad they didn't come somewhere near me. Last year they came to amsterdam, The Netherlands but I knew about it too late sadly. I learned about it a weekend after the event. I would totally go since it's only a 2 hour ride to Amsterdam from where I live. I really do hope they will come to Belgium next year but I highly doubt it. Since nothing ever happens here. Ah well, I'm really happy for you and your friends to be able to go. :)

Branna Laurelin

03.05.2014 kl.16:27

Feyza: Awww, too bad you didn't get the chance to go! I hope they come somewhere closer to you next year, in the meanwhile I hope you enjoy the photos I took :)

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