The Forest is Lush and Green Again

Summer is here! And the weather is amazing, with rainy nights and sunny days. What more can one wish for? I have recovered enough from the surgery to start taking short walks in the forest again now, so I will share with you some photos that I took yesterday of the woods in all its green glory!

Birch trees - one of my favourite kinds.

A glimpse of the little wilderness right behind my house.


This is one of my favourite places in the forest, and it is so close to my home. I think it looks kind of magical how the trees arch over and how the sunlight shines through the leaves to create a dappled light on the ground. And there are so many birds here!

I could ramble in the forest for hours and hours - but I had better not while my back is in this state, so I try to keep my walks short.

Do you have any favourite woodland spots?


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22.05.2014 kl.14:19

helt herlig blogg til en herlig person, st p videre!

Branna Laurelin

22.05.2014 kl.17:18

sexella: Tusen takk!


23.05.2014 kl.14:42

Det er s nydelig ute n! God bedring <3


24.05.2014 kl.13:14

S fint at du kan g tur i skogen igjen. Det er s deilig, srlig p denne tiden. God bedring :))

Branna Laurelin

26.05.2014 kl.15:45

Naviana: Ja, det er det virkelig! Endelig sommer og grnt :) Tusen takk!

Branna Laurelin

26.05.2014 kl.15:45

bjerkebo: Ja, det er veldig fint :) Tusen takk!

27.05.2014 kl.00:31

Ja det m vre det beste, solrike dager og forfriskende regn om natten! Glad for hre at du er p bedringens vei, hper du fr nyte en mest mulig grnn, vakker og smertefri sommer ^^

Branna Laurelin

09.06.2014 kl.08:05 Ja, det er ganske deilig med slikt vr :) Tusen takk! Hper dere ogs fr en flott sommer i r. Jeg hrte dere kommer til Borre? I s fall hper jeg virkelig vi sees! :D

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