Gulskogen Gård and its beautiful garden

Close to my home there is a beautiful late 18th century mansion called Gulskogen Gård, with its beautiful surrounding parklands and garden with a great variety of plants and birds, especially ducks and peacocks! The house is open for viewing every weekend from May to October, and on weekdays in July. 

The front of the house. It was built in 1793 and was in the Arbo family until 1963, at which point it was made into a museum and public park.

The park. To the rightmost you can see the corner of the extensive herb garden they keep there.


Meum athamanticum, called Baldmoney, Spignel or Meu in English I believe.

Lovage, one of my favourites. I planted one in my own garden last summer, but I had no idea it could grow this tall :O

Mmmmm rhubarb!

A wonderfully fragrant jasmine tree! I stood here several minutes just drinking in the lovely scent.

Nice to find shade from the sun under a huge tree! Also, new dress, yay! 

Duck pond. If you look closely in the water (in the middle of the picture) you can see some cute little ducklings!

There was a large section of the grounds devoted solely to the growing of huge rhododendron bushes!

A little thrush.

The back of the house seen from the edge of the rhododendron garden.

A gorgeous peacock who was very disappointed when he learned I hadn't brought any snacks for him. I really regretted not bringing any bread crumbs.

Outhouse buildings and stables, and a well. Also, a peacock resting under the shade of the tree.


I love seeing places like this! 


Are there any historical buildings close to where you live? Do you like visiting parks and gardens?



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12.06.2014 kl.21:57

Så fint det var der! Dit kunne jeg virkelig tenke meg å dra :) *Drømme for seg å være kledd opp i 1700-talls kjole på picnic* :D

Jeg kommer ikke på om det skulle være noen historiske bygninger i nærheten, annet enn ruinen jeg har planer om å skrive om, hehe :)

Branna Laurelin

13.06.2014 kl.10:11

~Gaiadóttir~: Ja, det er kjempefint der :D Det eneste som er litt dumt er at det er så nære veien, så man kan høre biler konstant - neste gang drar jeg i hvert fall ikke dit midt i ettermiddagstrafikken :)

Pia Amariel

15.06.2014 kl.05:43

For en koselig tomt, hadde ikke hatt noe imot å hatt den for å si det sånn :p

Synd at veien er så nærme da, det ødelegger jo sikkert litt av illusjonen mens man er der :/

Branna Laurelin

16.06.2014 kl.21:45

Pia Amariel: Tomta er nydelig! Men ja, ødelegger litt med trafikkstøyen :/

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