Outfit of the Day: Birthday meetup for the Norwegian Lolita Community

Yesterday I went to a meetup to celebrate the birthday of the Norwegian Lolita Community! My community is really such a nice and including one, and we had a lovely time going to cafs and shopping a bit in Oslo. I wish I had remembered to take pictures, but at least I have some outfit photos!

My dress is from Akane & Alois, and was given to me as an early birthday present by my dear friend Amy. I absolutely adore it! The blouse is from Magic Tea Party.

Pretty floral print and chiffon ruffles!

My hair was so unruly, I had a hard time figuring out what to do with it, so I ended up changing it a bit later.

Here's what I ended up with from the back. Frizzy curls! There's no knowing how rag curls will turn out, apparently. Last time they behaved much better.

If you're wondering what Lolita fashion is, check out this excellent explanation! (No, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the book with the same name.)


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07.09.2014 kl.12:03

S nydelig :)

Branna Laurelin

07.09.2014 kl.12:25

malenemk: Tusen takk! :3


07.09.2014 kl.12:56

You look absolutely beautiful *-* <3 <3 <3 *in love*

Fru S.

07.09.2014 kl.16:23

S fin du var! St og sommerleg ^^

Laura Morrigan

08.09.2014 kl.03:50

Your hair looks amazing! I love the rag curls! You really make me miss my long hair!

That dress is just gorgeous!

Ophelia Violetta

08.09.2014 kl.08:52

I think your first hairstyle is absolutely beautiful and it matches lolita good =) This style suits you so much ! Im looking forward for more outfits ♥


08.09.2014 kl.12:25

It suits you so well and I love everything about this! xxxxxxxxx

Branna Laurelin

08.09.2014 kl.19:39

~Gaiadttir~: Thank you so much <3

Branna Laurelin

08.09.2014 kl.19:39

Fru S.: Tusen takk ^_^

Branna Laurelin

08.09.2014 kl.19:40

Laura Morrigan: Aww, thank you! Long hair is hard to style sometimes, but I wouldn't be without it. Thanks again!

Branna Laurelin

08.09.2014 kl.19:40

Ophelia Violetta: Thank you so much :)

Branna Laurelin

08.09.2014 kl.19:41

Amy: Ahhh, thank you so much, my dearest <3 xxxxxx


14.09.2014 kl.16:25

s stilig! Follow your passion ;)

Branna Laurelin

14.09.2014 kl.18:12

livetsomgjennomsnittlig: Tusen takk :)

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