It is well underway by now, September. For as long as I can remember it has been my favourite month, which may have something to do with my approaching birthday (less than a week left, yay!) and a lot more to do with the cooler weather and the start of autumn. I have never been a summer person, being as I detest heat and am perfectly happy on cloudy days. This past summer has been absolutely horrible for me - way too hot and dry, it made me feel sluggish and out of sorts. But now every morning dawns misty and blessedly chilly, and though the sun breaks out eventually, its warm rays can't quite chase away the briskness of the air. Leaves are now turning from green to gold and fluttering peacefully down to scatter across forest paths like golden coins, and everything smells fresh and clean. No other season can set such a joy in my heart as I wander through the woods, not even spring.

I have been neglecting my poor camera for a long time now, so I decided to take it with my on my forest walk this morning to try to capture some of the beauty I see all around me. Here are some of the photos I snapped.

I am overjoyed that it is finally cold enough to wear my lovely Celtic shawl, which is big enough to pass as a cloak! Since it is a year since I was in Ireland, it is especially comforting to wear it now, as I bought it on Inis Mr on my last visit there.

Tiny mushrooms growing out of a cone!

More mushies.

I love mossy old trees like this one.

Do you rejoice that summer is over, too?


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17.09.2014 kl.15:42

S vakkert du skriver, Branna! <3


17.09.2014 kl.15:51

S koselig og vakkert det er i skogen din n :) Og s utrolig stt med en sopp som gror ut av en kongle! :D

Branna Laurelin

17.09.2014 kl.16:18 Tusen takk! S koselig sagt ^_^ <3

Branna Laurelin

17.09.2014 kl.16:19

~Gaiadttir~: Hihi, takk! :3


17.09.2014 kl.16:35

*cries and teleports*

Branna Laurelin

17.09.2014 kl.16:45

Amy: *gathers into arms as you materialize* <3

Fru S.

17.09.2014 kl.19:01

Ja er ikkje hausten herleg? ^^ *danse rundt i gyldent lauv* Syns alle rstidene har sin sjarm, men hausten er nok kanskje den som ligg hjarte mitt nras: Vakkert fargespel, gyldent lys, frisk luft, kjlege kveldar, fredelege skogsturar og innekos med te og bok p regnvrsdagar.. kva er det ikkje like? <3

Hausten gjer meg lykkeleg og tilfreds.. og kreativ! S mtte vi begge f ein fantastisk haust :)

PS: Glad for hyre at det ikkje var berre meg som syns det var altfor varmt i sommer.. takke seg til ein normal norsk sommer med maks 25 grader :p


17.09.2014 kl.19:26

You are so beautiful! <3 September is amazing indeed and the weather is often quite cozy and perfect :)

Branna Laurelin

17.09.2014 kl.21:33

Fru S.: Helt enig i alt det du skriver! Hper du fr en nydelig og fargesprakende hst med mange fine minner <3

Branna Laurelin

17.09.2014 kl.21:34

Naviana: Awww, thank you so much, my dear <3

Ophelia Violetta

18.09.2014 kl.09:45

Such a beautiful photos ! ♥

It must be great to live so close to forest that you can take morning walks there ! ...I have to travel with car to get into wild one like this -_-

Branna Laurelin

21.09.2014 kl.12:40

Ophelia Violetta: Thank you very much! Yes, I am so lucky to live here. I could never live far from the woods, I need to be able to escape into it.

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